Monday, September 21, 2015


Picked up a few new MAC eye shadows! I wanted to share them with you all!! I wanted some new shades to play with for fall time!  

Here is what I got:
Star Violet (pinky-brown plum) One of my favorites! Reminds me of MAC Cranberry which is a beautiful color for fall! This shade is a little more on the violet side, with some pearl flecks.
Sketch (burgundy with red shimmer) This shade reminds me of a plum brown, it really gives me a warm fall vibe.
Blanc Type (creamy beige) This shade is an everyday shadow, meaning I have used it every day since I bought it! Ha! I loveeeeee a matte shadow for my brow bone highlight. I love this color. It's not too white that it looks like chalk. It has just enough beige to it to pop under your brow.
Gleam (Barely pinked gold) This shadow could also double as a highlighter! Just a beautiful shadow perfect for that extra glow. I have used this for a day look all over the lid with a neutral transition shade in the crease.
Shale (Mauve-plum with subtle shimmer) This shadow is so subtle & complimentary to my skin tone (NW20) it gives me a beautiful wash of color to the lid.
I can't say anything but good things about MAC eye shadows! Hope my swatches help you shop!! :)


xo Traci